And if the world was divided into seven glorious kingdoms?

  • Cassiopeia [ Dong Bang Shin Ki ]
  • Changjo [ Shinhwa ]
  • VIP [ Big Bang ]
  • White Angels [ H.O.T ]
  • Shapley [ The Grace ]
  • Everlasting Friends [ Super Junior ]
  • Triple S [ SS501 ]
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Did you know that there are pink dolphins?? They exist only in the Amazon River, they are being exterminated to be transformed into baits. 50% of the boto cor de rosa (that pink dolphin) population was exterminated from the beginning of the year till now. It is possible that this animal doesn’t exist anymore until next year. Join the campaign to save pink dolphins!

[ LINK ] - scroll to the bottom of the page and sign


You’ll be helping even if you just spread the word. Thanks so much!!

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Anonymous asked: How does SM ban JYJ from performing on TV/media? Like how does that work? Was it taken to court and approved? I don't get it...I never knew such things could be done to artists




The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) is South Korea’s regulatory authority for economic competition. 

"According to the FTC, SM and KFPCAI issued a statement asking the representatives of stations and restricting the activities of JYJ appearances during the launch of the first album from 2010." — Fair Trade Comission

“SM KFPCAI also helped to issue a statement to Warner Music Korea, as well as at 3 and 6 stations biggest radio stations and cable, 11 albums and 5 shops online music sites, requesting that restrict JYJ’s appearances and the distribution of their music.” — Fair Trade Comission

"SM, one of the three largest agencies, and KFPCAI, composed of several organizations related to the entertainment industry, applied a lot of pressure on companies and as a result, JYJ experienced cancellation and music programs varieties, ranking changes and cancellations music documentaries and theatrical projections." — Fair Trade Comission

"This is a case where we prohibit large-scale agencies to use their influence to interfere with the activities of celebrities who are in a dispute with them.” — Fair Trade Comission.

“We thought it’s not going to be possible to be on the stage again. But it’s been 4 years we have been on the stage as JYJ. By virtue of love and support from the beloving fans around the world, we could hold out.”  — JYJ NAVER LINE

Apparently only Cassies remember that. Of course it will not matter to fans of other groups, until SM start screwing them too  (¬▂¬)

Of course, in the meantime, people in general will continue idolizing the SM, as if this was the best company in the world. (; ̄Д ̄)The suffering of Hangeng (who left SM because that company violates human rights), and JYJ, which as you saw, is still being harshly persecuted, boycotted and sabotaged (and other former SM artists) will be in vain.

i hate the fact that people badmouth Hangeng, making him the one who screwed up and hurt SJ members with his departure. This whole situation is commical beyond belief, but yeah why bother, there are popular groups topping charts everwyhere but do you people realize what kind of shit is possibly still going on behind SMent’s walls and affecting your precious idols in ways you can’t imagine, do you really understand the problem here

sorry im still mad because 98% SM (especially suju) fans i meet are rock hard believers that sm is a holy grail and nothing really gets to them even the black and white facts ugh

One day, some other scandal of how SM play dirty will happen, and when these  new SM fans will be pissed off,  we’ll say “I told you so”, but some people need to suffer to learn..

I was right. Sorry not sorry

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KPOP Idols Convention


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It’s so easy to forget that Junsu is black belt in Taekwondo 

I’m suprised he only mentioned it once in an interview when he talks so much about soccer, and even about baseball. I guess Taekwondo is almost like an after-thought in Korea, every guy does it.

you mean because he’s korean he knows taekwondo is like saying all brazilian guys plays soccer, all chinese guys plays table tennis all guys from USA plays basketball or football, idk… Generalize people of a country kind of…

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It’s so easy to forget that Junsu is black belt in Taekwondo 

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Kim Yunseok said:

During filming, there was a time when everyone was asked to leave the scene and only Yuchun and Yeri were in there. No one knows what happened within that 4hours except the both of them.”

What’s this? Instructions how to get Yeri killed in one simple step? Don’t they know how crazy some of Yoochun’s fans can get? ^^

This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen. Someone assuming that something happened between that person and Yoochun just because they are of opposite genres and they were alone. It is mandatory that there was something just because of that? We’re just animals in heat full time and that is why supposedly ‘something’ happens if you are a person who is with someone of the opposite gender alone somewhere?

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